scotch carlsen

scotch carlsen

Young directing dop duo based in Munich

represented by Lena Seliger and Petra Hüsstege

Scotch Carlsen is the symbiosis of cinematic looks, analog vibes, good music and always a bit of punk attitude. On set we split our brainstem to director and camera half and cerebellum left already knows exactly what cerebellum right wants.

We are a team and train our common sense of taste non-stop. Every fantasy is allowed, even if it pushes us again to build a devil machine that can only be controlled with a playstation controller.

Since our studies, we rarely write, screw, narf around and drink alone. This is definitely the coolest thing about being a duo - and it's a huge advantage for our smooth communication on set.

We are Scotch Carlsen. 2 bodies / 1 brain. Oh!

Tim, who has learned the craft of filmmaking from the scratch, found his passion back in 1998.
He gained practical film experience around the globe, while he was working as a cinematographer for numerous respected Surf and Snowboard production companies and clients like O`Neill and Burton.
Variety in filmmaking was the driving force. He moved to Munich and London where he lived his strong creativity and worked for various projects with all sorts of budgets and a wide range of experience from music videos to a 90min ARD comedy Pilot. From script to screen and beyond, he loves soaking up the experience of filmmaking.
From 2010 he permanently extended his work as a DOP in TV commercials. Always focused on the key message of the script, he uses all kinds of aesthetic languages, visuals and new technologies to deliver a unique piece of work to the client and their audience.
Exploring new ways of representation, his modern and open-minded camerawork as well as him as a truly teamplayer, makes him a strong DOP that is fun to work with.
Since 2009 he lives together with his wife an their two daughters in their chosen Hometown Hamburg.
Deutsche Bahn, Henkel, IKEA, KiK, Lexware, NITRO, Parship, Paulaner, Stage Entertainment, Techniker Krankenkasse, TUI, Öger Tours, Veltins, etc.