Björn Swoboda

Björn Swoboda


Represented by Beate Schuster

Björn Swoboda is a Berlin-based Director.

Björn started his career  as a freelance music composer. After meeting Moritz Carstens on set of the first short film Björn directed the two formed a director / dp duo called MANITU. After spending and working on several projects together they have decided to part ways. With Björn growing up in the States and living in Germany his social backgrounds and experiences in the business have formed his creative views in which he shares a remarkable sense for visual storytelling and stays continually inspired by ideas.

Björn has a sharpness for understanding a brand's specific needs, its universe and its path for the future. He enjoys tackling social issues and strive to produce films with subcultural relevance and zeitgeist. What really sets him apart though, is his commitment and energy; his drive to create an engaging experience for the viewer.