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This is who we are - Kolja Eckert, Nader Ait-Laouad and Pao „Paniq“ Phunket are three creative kids based in Berlin, Germany.

„When we were Children we had dreams and a level of Imagination which made the whole world a playground. Our mindsets never changed: The world is our playground & our imagination is wild.“ - shuto crew.

Strongly influenced by the hiphop and music culture they started to visualize their imagination. Directors and artists as Wes Anderson, Jackie Chan, Michael Jackson and Hero Murai played a big role in developing an understanding of how to harmonize music, lights, colors with storytelling and delivering great emotions.

The three of them met on a project in 2017 and worked on several projects since then. Clients as Red Bull, Universal Music, Sony Music, BMW, Smart, Audi, Jägermeister and many more are part of their portfolio. They love to great the rules but still understanding the clients needs and visions.