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Represented by Julia FröhlichMaike Batalovic

Born in 1985, he discovered his passion for film already as a young boy with an overwhelming love for James Bond, Star Wars and - moments later - Apocalypse Now. After an early film education in Cologne’s one-dollar-house, where he soaked up films of all kind from all parts of the world, he started working on national and international feature and commercial productions.
In 2008 he enrolled at Munich’s famous University of Television and Film where he wrote and directed several short films. His most acclaimed, TOTES LAND (engl.: GHOSTS), competed in countless film festivals around the world and won a FIPRESCI prize.
After a hiatus in Buenos Aires and years of experience as 1st AD on commercial productions, he took part in the film school’s advertising masterclass in 2016 before taking seat in the commercial director’s chair himself. Already his spec commercials SMUDGE and ETERNAL SUMMER ran at numerous festivals and won among others at New York Festivals, ADC and Clios.
Whether its narratives or commercials, Benjamins work always combines captivating, powerful storytelling with distinctive cinematic aesthetics to create visually striking and emotionally engaging films. Therefore, he always conducts every single film craft to create a unique (brand) experience that sticks in the audience’s mind.

Christian Brecheis’ sport and lifestyle photography has a natural quality. He approaches the genre with a true understanding of the body and the connection of his subjects with nature. His photographs communicate joy, passion, and a natural lightness, and in them, the boundary between sport and lifestyle becomes fluid.

The interest in photography grew from his passion for snowboarding. Years of traveling with athletes, documenting their lifestyle and sport, lead to a natural approach to photograph people and their passions. He thrives in leading large scale productions, as much as he appreciates the challenge in solo documentary adventures.

Photography has been like a ticket to see special places, unique travels and meeting interesting people. All these impressions and experiences continue to push Christian in doing what he loves.