Julien Samson

Julien Samson

director based in paris

Represented by Carolina Klass and Julia Fröhlich

Harris was born in Heilbronn, Germany in 1973. The artist with Bosnian family background discovered as a little boy already his passion for music and dance. Surrounded by the "Hip Hop" urban culture of the early 1980´s, Harris fell in love with Breakdance. His passion became his profession which led him to co-found a dancing group in 1993, called "Southside Rockers". Traveling the world and winning several national and international breakdance competitions aroused interest in the music industry. The same year he was introduced to Film. He received a call to show his reel, which he had to point out how to get one. In order to market his skillz, he taught himself the Edit. Call him a „do-it-yourselfer“.
In 1997 the group signed an international record deal with Sony Music Epic. Southside Rockers became famous quickly not only by representing the music hit of RUN DMC vs. Jason Nevins but also by their first radio hit "Rock On". During this time frame, Harris was involved in most video music scripts, with the aim to represent the real art of this dancing style. In 2001 the music industry hit rock bottom and the dancing group decided to pull back from the active music scene and devoted themselves to theater plays. Regardless of the groups decision, Harris still kept touch with the entertainment industry believing in new opportunities. Then in 2004, Harris and his old friend Eddie Morales, who is a very well known US-choreographer/dancer of Justin Timberlake, decided to start an agency where they would manage and market US choreographers of music stars like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce, Janet Jackson, etc. Between 2004 and 2010 the agency worked with major companies together like NIKE, NIKEWOMEN, COCA-COLA, RED BULL, PROCTOR AND GAMBLE, MICROSOFT, UBISOFT, MERCEDES and OPEL. The Agency provided concepts for commercials, video games (Xbox Project Natal) and worldwide campaigns. In 2010, Harris decided to leave the agency as a silent shareholder with focusing on film making. Looking for a fresh and unknown face, Harris discovered via YouTube an artist calling himself "CRO". With providing the visual concept and directing the video of CRO, this artist first single "EASY“ became a Youtube hit and is so far, with 46 millions hits, the most viewed music video in German history. Harris received positive publicity throughout the music industry and was nominated on top for two "ECHO AWARD 2013" for the best video (CRO & KRIS). In the past two years, Harris used his worlwide network and worked for stars like SNOOP DOGG, TIMBALAND, MOONBOOTICA and REDMAN.

Julien is a French director currently living between the south of France and Paris.

His esteemed work is know for its very distinctive vision. He combines an instinctive and sensitive approach. Julien’s commercial work delivers powerful, authentic lifestyle imagery that strives to capture true human emotions and feelings. The truthfulness of a look, the singularity of a gesture or the rarity of a moment are consistent elements throughout his work. He is passionate and a perfectionist, showing strong artistic direction and a heightened eye for detail. He loves to hold the camera himself so he can express his vision fully. His revolutionary cinematic beauty in style, his technical eye depicts a beautiful yet highly contemporary aesthetic.

Initially an extreme sports enthusiast, Julien directed numerous films and clips in this context, shooting by himself with film, on mountain tops and out at sea, which taught him technique and gave him an eye for detail. Also during this period he crossed the USA where he discovered the art of photography, before returning to Paris - and the first fashion shoots that naturally led to beauty and lifestyle work. Travel, adventure, and touring the world form the foundation of his artistic discipline.

Julien also masters post production, however he makes sure to get as many real life shots as possible - without spurning computer enhancement when needed to make things perfect.

Actor direction is another of his strong points. Models and actresses love working with him because he knows how to push their limits and make them beautifully alive.  They adore!

He has directed numerous spots for Lancôme, Dior, Guerlain, L’Oréal, Pantene, Louis Vuitton and many more.